We provide a flexible range of outsourced and fixed price recruitment solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our solutions can help deliver results, minimize the risk associated with projects and reduce the amount of admin. 

Fixed price and outsourced solutions

Our managed service solutions are bespoke to each individual client but operate to the same principles of working in partnership to supply service excellence and remove any recruitment burden.

Managed Services


Our collaborative approach with clients allows us to not only deliver immediate requirements and hard to fill roles, but also plan for your future requirements.

Specialist Recruitment



SDE International Sdn Bhd (SDE) was founded and established to cater and meet the needs of the demands of foreign manpower in various industries in Malaysia.  We have established partnerships with Foreign Agencies in Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other government approved countries to ensure a strong supply of quality workers. Besides supplying worker through Client’s approval, we also provide foreign workers on an Outsource or Contract Basis at a competitive market rate. 


We supply from general to skillful, hard-working and disciplined manpower of the following fields: 

  • Professionals, e.g. engineers, technicians, medical experts etc. 

  • Mechanical workers, e.g. electricians, welders, textile workers, welders etc. 

  • Others, e.g. cleaners, contract workers etc. 


In administering our manpower supply business, SDE pays much attention and care to every aspects from initial approval application from our Ministry of Home Affairs, recruitment exercise from source country until arrival of selected workers, and regular site visits of our representative to survey potential difficulties, ongoing welfare and interest of both the employers and employees.  


We have appointed representatives from our foreign counterparts to assist its workers in dealing with issues  during their stay in Malaysia, to survey their working conditions, giving the workers timely encouragement or helping them correct their mistakes and to maintain good relationship with their employers at all times.