Our people are the enablers of our success. In our pursuit of long term success, we see that employee talent development and organisational progress as a synergistic journey. In this regard, Tradewinds Plantation Berhad has as put into place good human capital development strategies to help employees develop skills that would enhance their contribution to the company and leveraging their full potential for career advancement.

Training & Development :

We continue to play our role in training and nurturing our staff, as well as those from the industry, in both the professional and academic domains. Our training objective is to continually improve and equip staff with the necessary skills, knowledge and exposure for optimal performance.

Given the nature of our business, many of the training programmed conducted focused on upgrading the technical and managerial competencies of our plantation staff and workers. These programmed range from the basic, to the more advanced technical courses. Our field workers attended courses such as tractor maintenance, harvesting techniques, first-aid and on the proper use of equipment and machinery. For management staff, training programmed covered a diverse range of subjects which includes satellite imaging and nursery setup, neuro-linguistic programming, risk management refresher training and chemical safety briefings. From time to time, vendors and specialists are also invited to give field demonstrations and talks on the latest innovations & technology available in the market.



          and MANAGEMENT

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